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Drivers - Sensor Plate

3D Motion Plate (Both downloads needed)
Version 4 and older


Download #2

Version 5 & Version 6


Download #2

Balance Plate
Version 1 (72x40) USB Driver
SDK Installer

Version 2 (64x32)

Version 3 (96x48) 2017


Drivers - Cameras

IDS Imaging
uEye USB/GigE Download (32-bit Windows only)
Download (64-bit Windows only)

Allied Vision Tech (AVT)
GC, GE and Manta series


Point Grey (FLIR)
Blackfly, Grasshopper, & Chameleon series

Download (64-bit Windows only)

Download(32-bit Windows only)

Winnov Videum capture cards
004 VO capture Download (Windows 7 or older)
4400 VO Xpress Download (Windows 8, 8.1)
4400 VO Xpress Download (Windows 10)

Tools and Misc

Balance Plate Diagnostics Utility Download
Halcon Download

Lighting Control
Simply Automated UPStart configuration software Download
USB-to-Serial cable driver Download
Lighting control configuration file Download